Tuesday, July 3, 2012

XIAMETER® Business Model Expands Silicone Product Offering

The XIAMETER® web-enabled business model from Dow Corning Corporation is expanding its product offering to provide customers with even more high-quality, standard silicone product choices. New products include a variety of silicone fluids, emulsions, resins, coatings, antifoams, moldmaking and liquid silicone rubbers, as well as additional rubber bases and compounds, modifiers, primers and catalysts.

As is true of the previous XIAMETER® product offering, the new products are widely used as performance enhancers by industries such as personal care, textile, energy, construction, and automotive where they provide qualities such as durability, stability, adhesion, and weather resistance.

“We continue to expand the product availability as products mature through the product life cycle and as customers demand more efficient ways to procure their standard silicone products,” said XIAMETER® Vice President and Executive Director Jeroen Bloemhard.

The XIAMETER® business model offers customers self-service functionality and options such as tiered volume quantities and transparent pricing, credit term choices, ability to track orders real-time and other procurement activities. Local distributors also carry many XIAMETER® products, and can offer customers more customized, personal services, as well as order flexibility.

Dow Corning’s XIAMETER business model enables customers to purchase high-quality, standard silicones at market-based prices online and more efficiently as it unbundles the services offered for products that were traditionally sold under the Dow Corning® brand. The Dow Corning brand continues to give customers an edge in the marketplace with its specialty silicones and other silicon-based materials, delivering higher value innovative solutions, custom formulations, and high-performance products.


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