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Precast Rocket Walls® outweigh any other type of freestanding unit, storing a greater amount within the same floor space

Precast Rocket Walls® are unique to Eleco Precast ™ and they meet BS8110. They can be delivered fPrecast Rocket Walls® are a high quality, freestanding, precast concrete unit and are available in 3 different heights, 2.4, 3 or 4 metres. They outweigh any other type of freestanding unit. This is because they have been specifically designed to be able to store a greater amount of material within the same floor space. Another advantage of the Rocket wall® units is that they can be rapidly installed to form storage bunkers and bays. With the unique inverted “Y” shaped profile, it means that there is no ‘toe’ for the loading shovels to hit and therefore prevents the lodging of stored material.

Rocket walls are designed to be sited on an existing concrete floor slab or foundation and bolted down, using fixing bolts. This prevents movement and, as a result, improves site safety and maximum efficiency. Precast Rocket Walls® are designed with external fixing points for easily unbolted and re-sited with relative ease if need be, offering even more flexibility in their use. It is this uniqueness that makes them suitable for a variety of uses including,

MRF Bays
Aggregate Storage
Crop / Soil storage
Internal and external dividing walls
Loading one side or both

They can also take materials of up to 16KN/M3 in density and therefore are ideal to be used for the construction sector, for storing recycling products and/or used as a grain and crop storage solution.

Precast Rocket Walls® are unique to Eleco Precast ™ and they meet BS8110. They can be delivered from our two locations to cater to the whole of the UK. Bell & Webster is located in Lincolnshire, for more information visit or for Milbury Systems which, is located in Gloucestershire, then please go to

A number of projects have used Rocket wall® units for example:

Milbury Systems supplied 300+ units for M & D Kemp’s project which involved processing East Yorkshire County Council’s green waste.
M & D Kemp were happy with our precast Rocket walls so much that they re-ordered since their last project for East Yorkshire County Councils green Waste and here are the reasons why:

Availability: Milbury Systems were able to supply an initial order for 300 + units from stock on a rolling contract to kick start phase 1 of the project.
Economical: M & D Kemp used their own transport to collect Rocket Units from Milbury’s factory. They were able to load 24No. 2.40m high units per load, illustrating an economical transport cost.
Ease of use: M & D Kemp’s workmen were amazed how easy Milbury Rocket walls were to handle and install.
Unique patented design: The open "Y" section aids free drainage of the composted material by providing an open space for the liquid to run off and channelling it to the drains at the rear of the bays.


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