Tuesday, July 17, 2012

37% increase in Tenders for Barbour ABI customers

Last year we announced that from January 2012, we would be expanding our Tenders research team – based at our offices at Cheshire Oaks – to research tenders across the whole of the UK.

Previously, we had worked with Builders Conference for many years, but more recently we had noticed that the number of projects we were receiving from them was falling year on year and we felt we needed to bring the southern tender data collection in line with that of our own internally researched tender data.

Before these changes, we were publishing an average of 402 new tender projects per month sourced from Builders Conference, but from January to June 2012 our in-house tender team published an average of 551 projects on a like for like basis for the same area. This represents a massive increase of 37% in project terms.

Also, since January, we have invested further time and resource into our in-house research team which has resulted in a 26% increase in the amount of companies willing to share their bidder information with us. This further strengthens our already market leading construction intelligence service and we continue to receive very positive feedback on all these initiatives from our customers.

One such customer, Frontier Pitts - who design and manufacture security gates, barriers, rising kerbs, bollards and turnstiles, has given us this feedback:
“When our subscription came up for renewal in October, we did look at a variety of options. We were aware of the tender reporting changes Barbour ABI had planned for January, so our decision couldn’t be taken lightly. Barbour ABI has always provided exceptional support and a good training package, but data quality and quantity are of paramount importance to us as well.”

“Our initial concerns were easily allayed because your interface (Evolution) is so user friendly in comparison to your competitors, plus your team reassured us about the tender information. Since January, your data has been as valuable as ever to us, and we’re looking forward to building a stronger relationship with yourselves in the future, plus ultimately winning more tender work.”

We firmly believe these developments are yet further examples of our ongoing commitment to our customers and demonstrates the strength of Barbour ABI Tender data – we promise not to outsource any of our research capabilities!


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