Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bloor Homes to be supplied with tangle free wall ties by Tec Ties

Tec Ties, the tangle free tie company, has won a contract to supply its closed end, tangle free wall ties to national housebuilders Bloor Homes.

Tec Ties will supply Bloor Homes’ building sites via Browns Builders’ Merchants Limited in Derby.

Bob McGrouther, National Sales Manager for Tec Ties, said: “Bloor Homes has decided to use our tangle free closed end wall ties for their health and safety benefits.

“The closed end of the wall tie prevents tangling and is an in-built safety feature to eliminate accidents and injury to those on site.”

He added: “We are delighted that the safety aspects of our products have been recognised by national housebuilder Bloor Homes. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with both Bloor Homes and Browns Builders’ Merchants.”

Chris Burton, Group Commercial Director, of Bloor Homes, said: “Bloor Homes were looking for a closed end wall tie that would prevent any snagging. Tec Ties provides the ideal solution.”

Jerry Wheeler, Managing Director of Browns Builders’ Merchants Limited, said: “We are delighted to be asked by national housebuilders Bloor Homes to supply these innovative wall ties to their building sites and to extend our existing relationship with them further.”

Based in New Mills, in Derbyshire, Tec Ties manufactures a range of construction fixings, including the tangle free wall ties.

“Bricklayers do not have the time or inclination to untangle wall ties so Tec Ties tangle free ties offer a no waste, low cost solution to builders and contractors," said Bob McGrouther.

Tec Ties supplies the tangle free wall ties in bundles, rather than boxes, which removes packaging waste and makes them easier to store, particularly in inclement weather. The stainless steel tangle free wall ties provide excellent corrosion resistance and long term durability.

The company’s products range from cavity wall ties to restraint ties, movement ties, starter ties, replacement wall ties, and remedial ties, through to wind post and brickwork supports, sliding anchors, channel systems, masonry reinforcement, timber connectors, and plasterers beads.

Tec Ties’ best selling wall ties include:
1. TT4 Housing Ties
2. TT2 General Purpose Ties
3. TTDT Double Triangle Ties
4. TTSPE Movement Ties
5. TTID Insulation Discs
6. TTFC Frame Cramps, and
7. TTTF Timber Frame Ties

Tec Ties distributes its range of products through builders’ merchants across the UK.

Tec Ties was established in 2003 by its owners, Managing Director Bob Wood and Finance Director Diane Morlidge, who entered the construction fixings market with their unique range of cavity wall ties.


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