Thursday, July 19, 2012

Klaxon Signals siren range's high sound output overcomes most levels background noise

Klaxon Signals has developed a range of industrial warning devices to meet the needs of specialised applications in all industrial environments. The range varies from traditional robust motor driven sirens to the more sophisticated electronic sirens and serves to notify personnel of any changes in the immediate environment such as potential hazards.

Klaxon’s motor driven siren range is rugged in construction with a high sound output to overcome most levels background noise such as that generated in mining and quarrying applications.

With advances in siren technology, electronic sirens have been introduced to the market in the form of the Nexus industrial sounder. With a choice of 110dB and 120dB sound outputs, IP66 protection, 3 alarm stages and 64 tones these sirens can be used in a variety of general signalling applications. Combined sounder beacon units are available for compliance with the Disability and Discrimination Act.

For visual signalling applications, Klaxon’s industrial beacons provide effective warning by diffusing a greater spread of light. Beacons are fitted with either LED or Xenon beacons and are available with varying light outputs of 5J, 10J and 24J.

Klaxon’s industrial products are used in conveyors, cranes, moving machinery, as process control alarms and in marine and general signalling applications.


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