Thursday, July 26, 2012

Celtic Rock Services Extends Drilling Fleet with McDrill Mc80B from Skelair International

Devon-based Celtic Rock Services has added a McDrill Mc80B with rotary head to its fleet after hiring the machine from Skelair International for a mini-piling project on the A399 at Shutscombe Wood near Brayford in North Devon. Skelair, who offers ground engineering and drilling equipment solutions, gave Celtic Rock the option to purchase the rental Mc80B after the company put the rig through its paces and found it to be a reliable, robust and well performing machine that fully meets the needs of today’s projects.

Having previously supplied Celtic Rock with other machines in its portfolio, including Klemm and Marini, Skelair International provided the McDrill Mc80B to specifically meet mini-piling requirements. The addition of the McDrill Mc80B brings the total number of machines operated by Celtic Rock to eight, creating a flexible and mobile fleet that will allow the company to respond to projects more efficiently.

The McDrill Mc80B is a powerful yet compact machine, making it ideal for sites where maneuverability with performance is key. Alwyn Thomas, Managing Director, Celtic Rock Services, and comments: “We were already in the market for a new machine as we needed greater flexibility with responding to changing client demands. We have always found Skelair to be knowledgeable when it comes to which machines will best fit our requirements and the McDrill was no exception.

“It is a powerful and sturdy machine and as the first time we have invested in McDrill, was an excellent bonus to be able to hire it for a specific job – before committing to purchase.”

In addition to the sale of market-leading drilling machines, Skelair offers a comprehensive rental service, which can lead to the option to purchase. This customer-centric approach gives customers flexibility according to business need as well as the benefit of trialing a new machine.

John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair International, concludes: “It is still tough out there for our customers, with many wanting to invest in new equipment but unable to justify the capital expenditure. By giving them the best of everything – with the option to hire, purchase a new rig or choose an ex-rental – we can pretty much always find a solution to meet their needs. However, as we look towards the rest of the year and beyond, we definitely see the rental side as being the largest area for growth.”

Skelair represents a number of other market-leading drilling manufacturers for the UK and Ireland, including EMCI, Klemm, TEI, Obermann, Marini and Wassara.


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