Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Energy Saving Measurement & Verification: Understanding IPMVP, Whitepaper published by Camfil Farr

The Whitepaper explains the most widely used International methodology for determining energy savings, the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol – IPMVP®

The benefits of Measurement & Verification (M&V) of energy savings and explores the main approaches for undertaking M&V of energy savings.

Camfil Farr are providers of Low Energy Air Filters. As such, both particulate efficiency and energy efficiency are considered as key performance criteria. Camfil Farr are keen to work with clients to develop savings reports that specify the level of savings actually made from their filter installations – over a period of time not just the initial installation. Technology providers, facilities managers and end clients are keen to know what the energy savings have actually been at their sites and when the optimal time to change a filter might be in order to keep maintaining low energy costs and particulate efficiency and therefore a healthy building environment.

Third party verification can help FMs and clients understand the answers to these questions and help to improve their planned maintenance programmes. M&V can also help to determine whether investing in better quality but more expensive filters prove to be more cost-effective over the lifetime of the filters, whilst still maintaining indoor air quality.

Bill Wilkinson, Managing Director at Camfil said: “In these difficult times everyone is looking for increasing certainty that value propositions are relevant and accurate. IVMVP provides independent proof that Camfil low energy air filters deliver on energy reduction”.

The Whitepaper has been written by Rajvant Nijjhar, an energy and sustainability professional from IVEES - Independent Verifiers of Energy Efficiency Savings, a consultancy dedicated to providing independent third party measurement and verification (M&V) services.


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