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Manufacturing Engineering Scholarships

Students pursuing a major in manufacturing engineering receive core curriculum in science and mathematics. Within the specialty students study more focused components of a manufacturing environment including technological and production processes associated with all aspects of manufacturing.

The job of a Manufacturing Engineer includes designing, analyzing and implementing innovative systems and processes that streamline the production of materials and goods. Professionals may be asked to consider manufacturing from a wide perspective, including financial, technical, and labor related aspects.

Part of the mission behind the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is to provide monetary and professional support to member students. To those ends the organization sponsors a heady array of scholarships for students at all levels of manufacturing engineering studies. A few include:

Caterpillar Scholars Awards are offered to high school seniors enrolling in a manufacturing engineering major at a four-year college. Preference is given to minority students with proven academic talent.
Phoenix Scholarships go to students pursuing manufacturing engineering in a college in Arizona.
E. Wayne Kay Community College Scholarships are available to manufacturing engineering students attending a two-year community college program. Eligible applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA to be considered.
High school students who already are engaged in manufacturing engineering activities and are members of the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) not only have access to extracurricular know-how and industry-related activities, but they also are eligible for scholarships. The Next Generation Scholarship Fund is designed to attract those graduating high school students with superior academic aptitude especially in engineering.

College Scholarships

The College of Engineering and Architecture at the University of North Dakota offers scholarships relative to students in the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering program. Most of the departmental scholarships are available to upper level and graduate students, including the Helgason Scholarship. Incoming students must apply for general academic or financial scholarships through the Financial Aid Department.

Wayne State University offers students scholarships through the department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Students must write an essay outlining their career goals as well as include letters of recommendation from faculty and a professional resume. Applicants being considered for the awards may also be subject to an interview.

A few of the nearly dozen scholarships sponsored by the College of Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout are:

Rath Foundation Scholarships are awarded to new or transfer students who are at the top of their class academically. Up to $6,000 possible.
An upper level manufacturing engineering student with an internship already under his or her belt may qualify for the John Entorf Scholarship. Awards are up to $2,000.
3M Wisconsin Community Affairs Council Scholarships are specifically designed for students in at least their junior year of the ME program. Awards are $1,000.
Minority Scholarships

Traditionally minority students have been underrepresented in the sciences and engineering fields. For this reason minority students, including women, will find an almost endless array of scholarships all designed to offer the best support possible: money.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) annually awards well over 100 scholarships to female students pursuing degrees in an accredited engineering program. Applicants may be undergraduate or graduate students.

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) offers dozens of scholarships funded by generous corporate sponsors like ExxonMobil, Delta Airlines and Northrop Grumman. In most cases applicants must demonstrate above average academic talents in the major.

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society sponsors scholarships for students majoring in an array of engineering degrees, including manufacturing engineering. Applicants must be ready to offer a Certificate of Indian Blood along with other specified criteria.


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