Thursday, July 19, 2012

Michelin to provide and maintain tyres for Komatsu trucks at China Coal Pingshuo

China's leading producer of coal from open-cast mines (73 million tonnes in 2007), China Coal Pingshuo has contracted Michelin to provide and maintain 53/80R63 tyres for the Komatsu 930E trucks that it operates in the mine.

The leader in the Chinese market for giant 63-inch tyres, Michelin had previously signed a tyre supply contract with Pingshuo in May 2007. In May 2008, the same customer chose Michelin as its 2007 Supplier of the Year from a list of 186 companies.

The services, which Michelin will begin to provide with immediate effect, will help to extend tyre life, thereby keeping the mine's vehicles operational for longer periods. This in turn will help to reduce operating costs and increase productivity, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

The goal of the service contract is to optimise conditions of use for the 63-inch tyres fitted on vehicles operated in the mine. To achieve this goal, specialist Michelin technicians, in cooperation with teams from China Coal Pingshuo, will manage the service shop, where tyres will be fitted, removed and repaired. Tyre pressures will be checked and maintained at the right levels, and other operations will be carried out to ensure that tyres are used in the best possible conditions.

At a time when raw materials and tyres are in short supply, this partnership with China Coal Pingshuo demonstrates Michelin's commitment to supporting its customers' efforts to reduce operating costs while ensuring the highest standards of workplace safety.


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