Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Timber Expo 2012 – key messages for specifiers

TRADA Technology Ltd , independent timber research, consultancy, testing and information provider for the construction industry in the UK, will take ‘a longer-term view to ensure that timber maintains and grows its market position’, said Chief Executive Andrew Abbott. And Timber Expo 2012, he stressed, is an ‘important platform for TRADA, its members and indeed for the timber industry as a whole to deliver key messages to specifiers and clients’.

Backed by TRADA Technology, the launch event in 2011 was an acknowledged success, a solid foundation on which to build. The design of the TRADA stand for 2012 is still under wraps, said Mr Abbott, but as a key feature of the show, it will demonstrate the design flexibility and structural potential inherent in timber.

Among the numerous sponsors returning this year is James Latham, which has upgraded its sponsorship from Silver to Gold. Director Chris Sutton, commented, ‘As a timber showcase for construction and sustainable building materials and design, Timber Expo 2012 fits perfectly with our marketing strategy. It provides a platform to exhibit the certified products we offer and allows us to engage directly with a captive and important audience. The 2011 show was an outstanding success for us, helping to maintain our profile in the industry as a leading importer and distributor and enabling us to talk to users of timber products in a time- and cost-effective way. What really stood out for us was the quality of the visitors. The genuine enquiries that we received as a result have supported this.’
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