Thursday, July 5, 2012


Northcot Brick, one of the UK’s foremost independent brick manufacturers, has launched a new range of traditional wirecut facing bricks.

Volume produced and competitively priced, the new Northwick range is designed to replicate the immensely popular sand-faced facing bricks once manufactured and widely used in Northumberland and across the North East of England.

Made from fine Cotswold clay, the range is available in three versatile colours: ‘Autumn Brown’, ‘Dark Brown’, and ‘Red Sandfaced’, with bespoke blends for colour matching available on request.

Traditionally made in ‘coal fired’ kilns in order to create a natural looking blend of colours and textures, the Northwick range is available in both 65mm and 73mm sizes in order to suit both old and modern properties. A range of British Standard special types is also available.

“The Northwick range is already proving to be immensely popular, particularly in the Midlands and the North of England, where its subtle tones complement the style and architecture of the built environment,” said Michael Brown, Managing Director of Northcot Brick Ltd.

All Northcot first quality bricks are manufactured to the latest European standards, including F2 rating for Frost Resistance BS EN 771-1: 2003. The bricks are hand blended to ensure consistency of quality throughout before dispatch and are available in packs of 500 from a national network of merchant stockists.


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