Monday, August 6, 2012

ZERO-C concrete repair material formulated to eliminate material cracking

The problem of cracking in concrete repair does not have a simple solution; cracking in concrete is influenced by many factors. Scientists at BASF have unlocked the solution, addressing four critical material properties by utilizing state-of-the-art chemistry to create a new level of performance and the next generation of concrete repair.

The Building Systems business of BASF's Construction Chemicals division has announced the launch of ZERO-C Concrete Repair Technology, a line of cementitious repair mortars that exhibit no cracking when tested in accordance with ASTM C1581. ZERO-C is the first concrete repair material formulated and proven to eliminate material cracking.

Evaluating crack performance requires consideration of all forces that influence cracking. The newest and most reliable scientific test for measuring crack resistance in concrete repair materials is ASTM C1581, commonly known as the "Ring Test." ZERO-C is the industry's first product to exceed both ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) requirements for "low cracking potential products" showing no cracking at 60 days when tested according to The Ring Test.

In addition to crack resistance, ZERO-C's patent pending mix-and-match material design brings simplicity to the job site. A single base mortar can be modified by using different liquids to change the material consistency as project demands change, reducing the number of materials that have to be stored on the job site. Additionally, the weatherproof, recyclable mortar bags with handles eliminate solid waste and make bags easier to carry. The durable liquid pouches are tough enough to prevent damage, yet they are made with 50% less plastic than jugs. The pouches fold flat when empty to create less waste and lower disposal costs on site.

"I am very proud of the scientists and construction professionals at BASF who have dedicated their professional energy to creating a scientific breakthrough to not only meet, but exceed the demands of the industry," stated Doug MacRae, Vice President & Business Director for Building Systems. "The people of BASF have dedicated years to engineering a product that will improve our built world and forever change the face of concrete repair."

The Building Systems business of BASF manufactures products under nine brands: Sonneborn®, Thoro®, MBT Protection and Repair®, Hydrozo®, Selby®, UCRETE®, SRS Flooring, Conica and CHEMREX®. These products provide joint sealant, waterproofing, grout, concrete repair, water repellent, performance flooring, surface adhesives and wall coating solutions for construction and renovation projects around the globe.


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