Saturday, August 4, 2012

Çetin (Çetin & Lower Çetin Dams) Hydropower Plant Civil Works Including Hydraulic Steelworks and Auxiliary Powerhouse Systems

Project covers civil works including hydromechanical steelworks and auxiliary powerhouse systems of two dams namely Çetin and Lower Çetin to be positioned on the Botan Creek of Dicle River between Pervari and Şirvan of Siirt Province.

Çetin is a asphalt core rockfill dam with 145m crest elevation from riverbed, 500m crest length and 8.5million cu.m of rockfill volume; while Lower Çetin is a concrete gravity dam with 45m crest elevation from riverbed, 100m crest length and 400,000 cu.m of concerete volume. The total installed capacity of Çetin Dam is 401MW with a power production of 1,100 GWh; while Lower Çetin Dam has 116 MW total capacity and power production of 300 GWh. The Project will be constructed by a joint venture with the leadership of Yüksel.


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