Monday, August 6, 2012

China Infrastructure Construction Corporation expands throughout northwest China

CHNC was founded in 2002 in Beijing, China. Since then it has developed into one of the top ready mix concrete producers in Beijing. Its products are environment-friendly and among the few providers in China of "green" concrete.

China Infrastructure Construction Corporation has announced that Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Research has called the site of the Company's most recent expansion, Xi'an, "one of the most important cities in Western China." Under an agreement with CHNC and China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd, the two parties will join to produce and sell concrete in north central China's Xi'an region, and CHNC has already built a new manufacturing facility there.

"Investment projects in Xi'an and its vicinity include a new airport terminal, a new railway station, widening of existing highways, a network of high-speed railways and subways," said the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch "China Economics" report.

CHNC recently announced that a branch mixing station with an annual production capacity of 3,600,000 m3 has been set up in the city of Xi'an, in part to serve the requirements of the infrastructure build out that the China Economics report describes.

Mr. Yang Rong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CHNC said, "We and leading investors have identified some very favourable trends in Xi'an that will accelerate the expansion of the CHNC business throughout northwest China."


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