Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Diversified technology company 3M will unveil two novel solutions to aid asset management in the utilities sector on stand 303 at No-Dig Live 2012 to be held from 2-4 October at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry.

Scotchkote Pipe Renewal Liner 2400 from 3M is a liquid lining solution for BS EN ISO 11295:2010 Class D (water quality) which can also be applied at specified lining thickness to help provide structural enhancement in excess of Class B requirements for potable water pipe lining applications.

Drawing on 3M’s extensive experience in coatings technology, the product has a 1:1 volume mix ratio, and is formulated using advanced aliphatic polyurea chemistry, helping to both minimise water absorption and extend design life, ensuring rapid cure and restoration of the pipe to service. The new product has undergone stringent testing at locations across the globe and is suitable for ductile iron, cast iron, steel and non-asphaltic cement mortar lined (CML) pipes in diameters between 4” and 24”.

Also on display will be a new liquid metal based system for the rapid restoration of sunken or rocking access covers, helping to negate the labour and traffic diversion costs traditionally associated with access cover maintenance. Using a compound which is simple to mix and apply, manhole covers with many years of life left in them can be quickly restored to a stable, correct position in relation to the surrounding road surface. The system comes in a kit which contains everything needed to perform the task, including tools and consumables.

Meanwhile, stand visitors can discover more about the latest techniques for the application of protective coatings to pipe interior surfaces through a process developed by Whirlwind UK, a leading innovator in contract services for water pipe rehabilitation and a key strategic partner to 3M in the utilities sector.

Paul Woolvine, General Sales & Marketing Manager – Infrastructure Protection Products at 3M, commented: “Extracting maximum service life from pipes is a key business driver for water companies and was a major reason for the development of the new lining product. Applied by authorised applicators and quick to cure, it rapidly and consistently restores water pipes to serviceable condition and helps meet both current and future AMP specifications. “Our access cover repair solution has once again been designed to help reduce the cost of asset management, extending the life of these products through a simple-to-apply solution which minimises traffic disruption and labour costs.”


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