Friday, August 3, 2012

Sustainable security solutions for the construction industry offered by Eco Security

Four independent companies are combining their expertise to offer the construction industry a sustainable as well as cost effective solution to the ever increasing problem of security on construction projects.

Building materials, plant and machinery are tempting targets for opportunist thieves as well as organised gangs; it is not surprising therefore that criminal activity is costing the construction industry in excess of £1m per day. Environmental issues are also an important factor within the construction industry with companies looking to minimise each project’s carbon footprint.

GR8 Security, Unipart Security Solutions Ltd, Zicam Smart Security Systems and Infobric have formed the Eco Security alliance which will enable them to collectively offer a comprehensive integrated security solution for virtually any construction project. This includes the installation and remote monitoring of video surveillance and intruder detection systems, as well as manned guarding services.

Zicam is proudly spearheading the project. “We are confident that the Eco Security alliance can play a major role in helping the construction industry deter and detect theft, as well as creating a safe and secure environment for staff,” said Milan Mazic managing director for Zicam Smart Security Systems. “The four companies in the alliance are working together out of mutual respect for the abilities of each other and with one objective in mind, i.e. to build long term business relationships with clients by providing best in class security solutions which are affordable, intelligent and sustainable.”

GR8 Security Ltd provides security project management and facility management services whilst Zicam Smart Security Systems is an installer of video surveillance and detection security systems and Unipart Security operates an NSI Gold Category II ARC and RVRC accredited Monitoring & Response Centre.

Infobric is regarded as key to the success of the alliance as it offers software which assists construction companies in monitoring health & safety compliance, as well as tracking the use of its human resources. A unique feature of the Eco Security initiative is the Infobric software platform which can help prevent unauthorised personnel gaining access to restricted areas. Infobric uses smartcards to obtain and report real-time, up-to-date information from a construction site and by doing so can help ensure that the right personnel are at the right place equipped with the correct equipment. The software can also contribute to productivity by, for example, keeping a database of which workers have been trained to use machinery, as well as on site H&S procedures.

The four independent companies will now focus on providing the very best of their first class services within the industry.


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