Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bidslist’s goal is to disrupt the underground economy of Construction Services

When the time comes to make home improvements or extending your office space, it is time to start crunching numbers. While the idea of building a swimming pool or remodeling your bathroom does tingle your senses with excitement it also comes with a great deal of planning and fund allocation to be done months before the start of the project. It may even take weeks to locate a contractor if you went out looking for one on your own. Even if you do find one, the contractor may be so tied up they may not willing to start work immediately.

Derick Downs, who is himself comes from a rich landscaping background, established the online construction management portal called BidsList. With BidsList you can place projects for almost any service that is offered. Currently the platform is only geared towards contractors with license, bond, and have listed BidsList as an additional insured on their insurance policy. “We see the potential to eventually be able to offer our process with almost any vertical market, and location you can think of “said Downs. BidsList has created a process to assure customer satisfaction is the end result.

One of Bidslist’s key features to success is there individual customer service representatives. A BidsList Representative will go the whole nine yards when it comes to verification of contractors. Only licensed Professionals, who list BidsList as an additional insured on their insurance policy, are authorized to sign up for BidsList leads. That means anyone operating from their parent’s garage with borrowed tools or is unreachable in their mobile or landline phones are automatically screened out. The Annual Spend in home improvement category varies from year to year, but currently the figures sit at the $269 billion dollar range. Based on the California State License Board; the number of reported unlicensed contractor activity in California alone has hit an estimated high record of $140 billion dollars. These individuals reported do not have licenses, insurance, and most do not follow state guidelines or regulations. It has also been reported that many often scam clients, do not report income, and have been known to be illegal citizens.

So what happens if you hire one of these unlicensed workers? We have been so accustomed to looking for the lowest price we tend not to think about the potential risk we could face from it. Let’s say for instance you hire an unlicensed worker from the home depot parking lot, and accident happens to him while he is in your back yard that requires immediate medical attention. Whose insurance do you think the hospital is going to go after to regain their loss from an emergency? If the contractor working on the job is not licensed, then the responsibility falls onto the home owner, or business owner’s plate. With BidsList you’re protected from such event from possibly happening. BidsList has created a process to provide peace of mind to anybody seeking services. They act as a broker for construction service by only charging the contractor who completes a successful job a small fee based on the project amount. The service is FREE for anybody to post a project that they need help with, as long as they have sufficient funds to pay the professional who will be preforming services on your home or business. BidsList is about to launch their mobile platform along with their website to the public. Visit for more information on the business.


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