Friday, August 10, 2012

Government confirms support for anaerobic digestion at ADBA Conference

Building on its inaugural conference in 2009, ADBA's (The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association) second national conference in London attracted the industry’s leading players to a packed day of speakers and discussions. ADBA's "Maximising the Value" conference saw its Chairman Lord Rupert Redesdale urge members to play their part in DECC’s and DEFRA’s AD Action Plan, which has already reached its first draft.

Landia’s UK & Eire Director commented: “Lord Redesdale was right when he said about the need to shout the loudest. ADBA has made massive strides since it was formed less than 18 months ago. This second national conference shows just what can be achieved by an active association that makes such a sustained effort. There are now close to 200 members, which speaks for itself”.

Ofwat’s Mark Worsfold (Head of Strategy) discussed the regulator’s remit for sludge and the vital need to collect data for the challenging choices regarding its full deregulation.

Speaking for the Environment Agency, Howard Leberman (Senior Advisor on Industry Regulation) broke news that in April, some AD regulation will be relaxed, including the distances from dwellings, workplaces and conservation sites that biogas plants can be built.

Lord Marland, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State DECC confirmed the Government's support for anaerobic digestion. He said he was determined for the industry to expand and for it to take in additional waste streams. Lord Marland also praised the efforts of ADBA and its members, stating that the Government was looking forward to working with them to further develop the sector.


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