Friday, August 24, 2012

Cardiff firm announce global plans for new energy saving technology that is set to transform work environment

SolaVeil®– an advanced energy saving technology for both retro-fit and new build windows that optimises natural light, reduces glare and deflects solar heat, has had the seal of approval from the Technology Strategy Board.

TSB described SolaVeil® as one of their Energy Efficiency Whitehall* successes after it was trialled on a Government building in London resulting in significant energy savings.

Daylight Business Solutions - the Cardiff based company behind SolaVeil® - is now expanding rapidly to commercialise SolaVeil globally. Technical Director Brian Hughes said the endorsement by TSB was excellent news.

Developed over the past five years with help from Cardiff University, SolaVeil® is a fine polyester material with digitally applied three dimensional surface micro-arrays. It is engineered to deflect solar glare, heat and harmful rays, while diffusing natural daylight into buildings reducing the need for blinds and artificial light.

Retrofitted to windows and credited with transforming the working environment in offices, schools, hospitals and supermarkets, SolaVeil® also reduces air conditioning requirements, significantly cutting energy costs and carbon emissions.

The company has received ongoing advice and support in a number of areas from Welsh Government innovation specialists, who also helped with regard to intellectual property and funding towards patenting of the SolaVeil technology.

Business Minister Edwina Hart said SolaVeil® is an example of highly innovative research being undertaken in Wales by small but very smart companies.

She said: “It also illustrates the importance of industry collaborating with universities on research and development to bring new and novel products to market, helping to create jobs, growth and wealth. In this instance the product also has the potential to support government targets to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.”

The technology carries a ten year warranty, with trials showing a 30% reduction in cooling energy costs and a 20% reduction in artificial lighting costs. It typically provides a return on investment in the UK of under four years.

It is now being targeted at a number of sectors, including the heath sector as new tests reveal SolaVeil has significant antimicrobial properties, capable of killing bacteria such as e.coli and MRSA.

Warwick NHS Hospital is currently undergoing a second phase of trials which are testing the antimicrobial properties and its impact on health care, energy costs and cleaning costs.

Brian Hughes said the energy efficiency of the technology is proven and the latest tests show it also has great potential for use in healthcare facilities.

“Not only can it improve the environment for patients and staff but could play a key role in the overall cleaning regime of hospitals, helping eliminate extremely dangerous bacteria.”


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