Friday, August 24, 2012


Housebuilder and developer Larkfleet Group and specialist builders’ merchant Eco Building Products are to sponsor Peterborough City Council’s 2012 Development and Environment Awards.

The awards aim to recognise design or construction projects which are innovative or lead the way in sustainable development.

It is the second time that the council has run the awards and the second time that Larkfleet has been involved – it also sponsored the first set of awards in 2010.

This year some new categories are being introduced and the awards now cover a range of projects from housing and commercial buildings to open spaces.

To be eligible, a project must have been completed between 1 June 2011 and 23 September 2012. The winners of the construction categories will be entered into the relevant category of the 2013 LABC (Local Authority Building Control) East Anglia Regional Awards.

Karl Hick, managing director of Larkfleet Group, said: “These awards are especially relevant to Larkfleet as the company is leading the way in building development.

“Houses built by Larkfleet Homes are more energy-efficient than those of any other builder operating in this area and many are fitted with technologies such as solar power generation. At the same time, other Larkfleet Group companies are involved in the development of innovative new building materials and processes and in retrofitting existing homes with energy-saving technologies.”

Eco Building Products, which is part of the Larkfleet Group, is a leading supplier of alternative energy technologies, insulation materials and other products aimed at making new and existing buildings ‘greener’.

Ian Greenfield, operations director at Eco Building Products, said: “Peterborough has an excellent reputation for energy-efficient building and we hope these awards will help to further promote that approach to design and development in the local construction industry.”

Kevin Dawson of Peterborough City Council, said: "We are grateful to Larkfleet and Eco Building Products for their support for these awards. It is great to have Larkfleet involved for a second time.”


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