Thursday, August 30, 2012


The speed of installation and acoustic properties of Stramit’s ElecoFloor has recently been utilised in the construction of the West Park Development, Manchester. Renaker Build, with expertise in construction projects of varying complexity and value, specified and installed ElecoFloor at the £12M residential project. The West Park development consists of the build of two apartment blocks each containing 85 individual units.

Appointed as the main flooring product throughout the development, ElecoFloor panels provide the necessary sound insulation for separating floors, without the need to source all the required layers for a built up system. This results in a reduction in thickness above the joist being of 50% or more. The medium weight overlay board, designed for concrete and timber floors, is an acoustic flooring system comprising of moisture resistant chipboard and MDF composite bonded boards, with a resilient central layer and a durable polyester felt backing. This construction helps improve impact and airborne noise.

Stramit Panel Products, a trusted partner in leading partition systems in the United Kingdom for over 50 years, understands the importance of a quick installation process and has utilised its expertise in manufacturing laminated and pre-decorated partitioning panels to develop the ElecoFloor system. With its fast installation time, Elecofloor can be fitted up to half the time it takes to install a batten system. Once in place, the panels take up a third of the overall thickness, delivering material savings on brick courses, whilst additionally significantly reducing the overall height of the building.

Renaker, which awarded ElecoFloor the contract, provided a clear schedule for the quick turnaround required. Phased over a 24-month period to meet the client’s sales requirements, Stramit guaranteed the delivery of the ElecoFloor system could meet the flexible schedule Renaker needed to work within.

A spokesperson from Renaker Build commented, “Due to a positive working relationship with Stramit, we have successfully installed ElecoFloor on several projects over the past few years, including West Park and Delta Point in Manchester. We continue to experience a first class service and I feel extremely confident in the knowledge that ElecoFloor will always arrive onsite on time and of the highest quality.

“With valuable acoustic properties and simplicity of installation, ElecoFloor provides competitive pricing which makes a cost effective and time saving product to install.”

Whilst Robust Details, the Certification Scheme for separating walls and floors in new build joined homes in England and Wales is a popular choice for many, Renaker has chosen the Stramit ElecoFloor system which provides important data in order to help demonstrate what acoustic performance is being achieved.

Furthermore, the composite floor system, which successfully meets Part E of Building Regulations, protects residential properties from the noise of activities in other rooms or adjoining properties. ElecoFloor, designed for use in both new build and conversions, is suitable for use throughout a building, including bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, ElecoFloor is also widely used in the conversion and refurbishment sector, where pre-determined ceiling and door heights can be restrictive.


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