Tuesday, June 12, 2012

38 flats across four blocks for two separate housing associations completed by PiLON

PiLON, working as a subcontractor for Durkan, have finished 38 flats across four blocks for two separate housing associations. The project ran from December 2011 to May 2012 and involved stripping out all newly installed internal finishes, including all Drylining and suspended ceilings, leaving the existing internal load bearing partitions. This was necessary due to a change in the specifications.

Revised specifications were agreed, issued and priced, then PiLON supplied and fitted all new suspended ceilings and Drylined all walls. A taped and jointed finish was applied to all new ceilings and walls rather than the standard skim coating previously used on other projects to great success. In addition to the flats, the communal staircases up to 5 stories high in two of the blocks required a complete strip of all Drylining and re-installation of said plasterboard to revised specification.

Other works included: fire rated boxing in of exposed steelwork, fitting new kitchens, bathrooms and associated fittings, decorating and second fix carpentry. Although PiLON were tasked with completing this project in 24 weeks, Durkan had expressed a wish to target completion in 12 weeks. Due to accurate planning and comprehensive site management this was duly delivered.

Accelerated deliveries also meant that PiLON buying department had to help constantly and make sure that the expectations were met along with the site teams checking the specifications with the Quantity Surveyor and check that this conformed with manufacturers’ recommendations.

An unusual aspect of the project was the complexity of the specification PiLON had been given in relation to walls and ceilings. But with a great team effort along with the ability of the managers to manage an ever changing goal in relation to the client’s needs, made the project so successful.

“This was a difficult project with challenging timescales which had to be met for the Clients funding requirements. We employed the services of Pilon Limited, one of our existing preferred supply chain contractors, who pro-actively planned and resourced their works to produce a quality product on time and on budget ” - John Lewcock, contracts manager, Durkan


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