Friday, June 29, 2012

New Clean Surface Demising Wall Panels Offered by PortaFab

The demand for creating environmentally controlled space within manufacturing facilities is growing, as U.S. manufacturing continues to evolve into more highly technical industries. To help meet this need, PortaFab has expanded its line of SteelSpan “all-in-one” industrial wall panels. The new line extension features a “no profile” smooth surface option which provides an easy to clean solution for use in environmental control applications.

“Adding a flush surface provides an easy to clean wall solution for manufacturers in a medical, nanotechnology, micro-processing or other setting that requires an environmentally-controlled enclosure to house sensitive equipment or supplies,” said Mike Booker, Business Development Manager for PortaFab Modular Building Systems.

The SteelSpan system has traditionally been used to create demising walls for dividing plant space and it has proven to be a very cost effective system. Since SteelSpan wall panels do not require the use of wall studs for support, they cost less and can be installed more quickly than traditional post and panel construction methods.

Plus, the wall panels control dust, provide thermal breaks, vapor barrier, temperature, humidity, noise and other environmental concerns. “The advanced polyurethane core and impermeable steel faces provide insulation values that significantly lower heating and cooling costs, making them ideal for environmental control applications,” said Booker.

In addition to being easier to clean than traditional construction, the new wall panel system provides a level of flexibility that is inherent with modular construction. Primarily, the SteelSpan panels are easy to remove or reconfigure when needed, which is a welcome advantage within the constantly shifting environment of modern manufacturing and distribution operations.

The new smooth-surfaced wall panels have been designed to match PortaFab’s existing line of modular building systems in both appearance and color, allowing smooth and easy integration with all of PortaFab’s modular building systems.

About PortaFab: Located in Chesterfield, Missouri, PortaFab Corporation has been a leader in the manufacturing and design of pre-engineered modular building systems, cleanrooms, and preassembled structures for over 25 years.


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