Friday, June 22, 2012

Focus on key customers to be tightened- Jablite

Jablite has taken the decision to close its technical information line from today, in what is seen by many as a daring move.

“We have a talented and dedicated team of technical advisors and they are leading our innovations process, explains Steve Broadhurst, Technical Manager, Jablite.

“Using these highly qualified experts to answer consumer queries that can easily be dealt with by providing the information on our website – well it just does not make business sense,” says Steve.

“Instead, our technical advisors will be partnered with key customers to provide a dedicated technical support service that will be included as part of our trading agreements.

Part of this strategic move includes the introduction of a tapered insulation design service within the technical team focussed on our flat roofing portfolio.

“In addition, I expect them to be working closely with specifiers and contractors seeking technical input on large projects. Lastly, and by no means least, the technical team will continue to be the core of our innovations process”, concludes Steve.

This new direction for the technical team indicates the confidence Jablite has in its strategy of innovation and customer service. Simon Cox, Jablite’s UK Sales Manager comments: “This is great news for our key customers who will continue to get all the technical support they need.

“In addition, they will benefit from a dedicated technical advisor who will get a better understanding of their business needs and be able to offer proactive support and innovation ideas.

“This change is part of our ongoing strategy to innovate in all areas of our business and to develop our customer service offer.”


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