Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Sustainable Urban Development for Tengbom

Together with ÅF and IMEK, Tengbom, have been commissioned by Swedehouse International to master plan the Yuhua Ecological Demonstration Area in Xi’an capital of Shaanxi province in China. The district is the eighth such commission for Tengbom in sustainable planning within China. The vision is to create a district with an exceptionally high environmental profile with no carbon emission. Parallel to Xi’an and several other projects in China, Tengbom is working on a scheme for Härmälänranta in Tampere, one of the first environmentally profiled districts in Finland.

Together with ÅF, and IMEK, Tengbom will plan the 2.4 square kilometre area in Xi’an. The Swedish team, which consists of experts in sustainability and environmental engineering, will develop a new model adapted specifically for Xi’an. The model is based on Tengbom experience from design at Hammarby Sjöstad and Sino Swedish Eco City in Wuxi, the latter won the internationally prestigious MIPIM Future Projects Award 2011 for the major urban planning category. Xi’an is now a nationally recognized pioneer in the area of sustainability, the new district will have an exceptionally high environmental profile with minimal carbon emissions.

Sweden has been focusing on holistic city planning for around 50 years and Tengbom fully engaged within that time but now more specifically within sustainable urban master planning, spreading the vision and experience at home and abroad. Over the past six years we have developed successful and award winning models for China and most recently in Russia, says Magnus Meyer CEO Tengbom.

Tengbom expertise in sustainable urban development is highly sought after both in Sweden and abroad. In Finland, for example, Tengbom is working with Skanska Kodit to transform Cargotec’s former industrial area in Härmälänranta, Tampere. The ambition is to create Finland’s foremost environmental neighbourhood characterized by a varied plan structure that is human in scale. The team draws from Tengbom different design specialists working from a holistic and humanistic perspective. The project is characterized by high aspirations for architecture together with user-focused and innovative solutions in a neighbourhood that combines existing features with new design innovation. The complexity of the project has led to an innovative and integrated process with a focus on economic, social, and ecological sustainability. The area of just over 1.5 square kilometres, will accommodate 1500 homes and is expected to be completed in 2020.

Among other projects in Sweden Tengbom is actively engaged in the design work at Stockholm Royal Seaport district, the district that will become a new international model for sustainable urban planning. Parallel to the new area in Xi’an Tengbom is also working with Changsha City Xiangjiang district, Tangshan Bay Eco City in Hebei Province, and on the tropical island of Hainan in Southern China.


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