Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As more businesses take advantage of the support available, NIA Membership increases by 20%

By introducing special support services, its membership has grown by over 30 companies this year, as the National Insulation Association (NIA) continues with its preparation for the forthcoming Green Deal.

The NIA represents companies involved in cavity and solid wall insulation (both external and internal), loft insulation and draught proofing and is committed to supporting its members to access the new opportunities that will be available under the Green Deal. This includes specialist support services including a dedicated Green Deal Bulletin service, special briefing events involving key note speakers together with access to Green Deal Providers and Local Authorities.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA, commented; “This is reflected in the number of companies that have joined the NIA this year – over 30 - representing a 20% increase in membership with a particular growth in external and internal wall insulation companies.”


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