Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Granite Transformations presents Mosaics On A Mattress

Known for the ease, speed and affordability of its top quality kitchen makeovers, Granite Transformations has now complemented its made-to-measure replacement worktop overlays and cabinet doors with mosaics on a mattress. That’s the description for the quickest and smartest system ever for laying glass mosaic tiles on large surface areas like kitchen walls, alcoves and splashbacks. Developed in association with a sister company, Italian tile maker Trend, it allows genuine handcrafted mosaics to be installed over virtually any surface, even existing tiles, in a fraction of the normal installation times.

Just as ‘the top that fits on top’ can be installed neatly over existing work surfaces, without need for ripping out the old material, the flexible, cushioned base of Granite Transformations’ mosaic mattress can be used over smooth, curved or uneven surfaces and the tiles are pre-grouted for a perfect finish.

Most tiling jobs can be completed within half a day, enabling new worktops, doors, drawer fronts and mosaic splashbacks all to be installed by Granite Transformations’ factory-trained fitters in a couple of days or so, with no debris, disruption or builder’s waste. Also because the underlying cabinet carcases, drawer interiors, even sink units are retained, a new look kitchen can be achieved for around half the cost of complete fitted units.

To assist colour coordination with worktops and door facings, the company’s interior design consultancy has selected the Granite Transformations Collection of a dozen different mosaic colourways, which are designed to tone with popular granite, quartz and recycled glass finishes and woodgrain effects. The tiles are chosen from Trend’s classic 2 x 2cm range of semi-transparent mosaics, produced using the superior fused glass technique and coloured ‘en masse’, so that each piece is tinted throughout and resistant to wear, sunlight, heat, impact and chemicals.

Trend’s inspiring 2 x 2 palette embraces 150 different colours that extend from daffodil yellow to deep purple, although the harmonised Granite Transformations Collection focuses on the ambers, bronze, pewter, black and pearlescent whites that are thoroughly in tune with today’s kitchen décor. The collection features aventurina and enamel streaked Brillante mosaics, iridescent Shining designs and the eco-chic appeal of translucent Feel tiles made from post-consumer recycled glass. Yet beautiful as they are, these Italian glass mosaics are tough, hardwearing, wipe-clean and perfect for the most demanding domestic duties.

These mosaics are mounted on a flexible polyethylene support mattress, measuring 126 x 63cm and containing 1800 individual tiles, which is applied directly to the wall or on top of existing tiles. Based on Trend’s innovative Smart2Go system, this reduces installation times, eliminates waste and produces a highly professional finish that is ready almost immediately. Used as full-height mosaic panels from worktop to ceiling, half-height splashbacks to the underside of wall units, or a simple 100mm upstand running the length of the work surface, these glass mosaics add texture, colour and class to the final kitchen makeover.

As with the measuring up, fabrication and installation of worktops and replacement doors, the tiling work is carried out by a couple of Granite Transformations fitters, so there are no competing trades cluttering up the kitchen, and with the job usually completed in a couple of days, there’s no need to set up a temporary kitchen or eat out at restaurants while the makeover’s being finished.


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