Saturday, June 16, 2012

A career with impact

A career with impact
As a civil engineer, the work you do will have a direct and positive impact on people's lives, now and for future generations. You'll be involved in projects that help create and shape the world, working at the forefront of inspiring and diverse developments.

Work anywhere in the world

At Sheffield our courses prepare you for a professional career that could take you anywhere. The expertise of leading industry consultants and businesses feeds directly into your degree. You'll be taught by experts in structural, water and geotechnical engineering and benefit from the latest world-leading research we're doing. And we'll show you how to think about problems from a sustainable point of view, so you're prepared for the ever changing needs of our world.

Unlimited possibilities

You could be involved in major schemes that find solutions to earthquakes and floods or the provision of water and basic shelter. You could be collaborating with other talented engineers to work on iconic structures such as the Millennium Bridge and major sports stadiums throughout the world. The possibilities are endless.

The bigger picture

All our courses challenge you to tackle real-world issues from a global perspective. We'll show you how to think about not only the technical issues in engineering developments, but also the social, ethical and environmental implications. Right from your first year, our global engineering challenge gives you the opportunity to work with other engineers, finding solutions to real problems faced by developing communities.


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