Monday, June 18, 2012

Expert Advice Crucial As Flood Alert Remains

Urging property and home owners is a trade body which specialises in managing damp in buildings affected by the recent floods to get in touch for professional advice on repairs. The Property Care Association(PCA) suggests householders affected by water damage get expert help on how to care for their homes.

Steve Hodgson, general manager of the association, said: “Members of the PCA’s Flood Remediation Group can offer professional advice on repairs. Their expertise will greatly reduce the possibility of future problems. It may also be possible to use products and techniques that will allow a building to be repaired and reoccupied before the fabric of the building is completely dry, without compromising the repair or living conditions. In our experience, problems with repairs relating to flooding are common -but may only surface months or years after the property is repaired. In areas such as Hull, which suffered catastrophic flooding in 2007, we have seen some householders suffer because contractors with little or no understanding of the effects of water in buildings carried out remedial
work. Homes were repaired and then around six months later householders were dealt a double blow because the property became blighted by damp and they have to leave their home again for more repairs to be carried out.”

The PCA is a member of TrustMark, the scheme supported by government to help property owners find reliable and trustworthy tradespeople to make home improvements. To join the Association, contractors are all carefully vetted before being awarded membership - and are then subject to rigorous auditing procedures once admitted.


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