Saturday, June 23, 2012

Interview for Engineering Jobs

Professionals in the engineering field typically fill a specific technical niche within a company. While interviewing for an engineering position, use the opportunity to discuss the technical training you have attained and how your technical skills fill the company’s need. The main objective is to convince the company that your engineering background is a match for their needs.

Research the engineering firm or company that you’re interviewing with. Learn their products, engineering processes, customers and suppliers.
Prepare a list of engineering projects that you have worked on. Engineering positions can be won by illustrating your technical knowledge involved in specific projects.
Dress in professional business attire.
Be punctual, confident and self-assured.
Greet everyone that you meet with a firm handshake and a smile.
Repeat names back to the people that you meet during introductions. This will help you to remember their names. Also, ask for their business cards.
Highlight the type of engineering process improvement methodology you utilized for project management, such as Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing, during the interview.
Qualify improvements in tangible engineering terms, such as reduced cycle time, reduced costs or improved efficiencies.
Offer ways that your technical knowledge and previous engineering experience relate to the company’s requirements. Explain how you have used the specific technical skills that they need.
Send a follow-up email to everyone that you talked to during the interview. Thank them for their time and, once again, reiterate why your engineering background and technical skills are a match for their engineering position.


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