Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reciprocating Saw Blades Generate Discussion on Bosch Daredevil

New Bosch Daredevil reciprocating-saw blades, launched in order to give users longer life and maximum impact in tough demolition applications, are igniting reviews and discussion on reciprocating saws and blades within the community.

Designed specifically for demolition tasks, Bosch claims these blades last up to 20 percent longer than other blades in tough applications. The Daredevil blades are meant to cut faster and save time on the job, noting speed, lifespan and ease of use as the major benefits to these blades.

Bosch points to the Daredevil teeth, which use patented 2 x 2 tooth geometry to help the blades to give a clean cut up to 20% faster than competitive blades. The teeth can last up to twice as long with help from micro-blasting, and because the blades are made with metal alloy and protective coating, the increased heat resistance can also extend the life of the blades. With more height and thickness, these new blades give users straighter cuts and less vibration.

Blade sizes range from six to 12 inches and can cut wood (with or without nails), plastics, PVC, thin metal, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. “Obviously, the actual reciprocating saw has a lot to do with the success and productivity of a job,” says Tom Klein, vice president of marketing and merchandising with ToolSelect. “But if you don’t have the right blades, it won’t matter how good the saw is—you’re going to struggle. We’re excited to see what our members have to say about these new Bosch reciprocating-saw blades in comparison to other blades out there.”

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