Friday, June 29, 2012

Custom Under Slab Insulation for Concrete Installers Launched by Insulation Stop

Insulation Stop has supplied radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation nationally for over ten years and the addition of new products to the concrete insulation sector is a natural progression. Now in addition to standard size four feet wide insulation rolls, Insulation Stop offers wider roll sizes up to ten feet allowing larger square footage projects to be completed much faster.

“The under slab insulation or concrete side of our business continues to grow,” stated Nick Semon, owner of Insulation Stop. “The product is popular because it combines several products into one. When used in under slab applications, our layered bubble foil insulation is a radon barrier. It also takes the place of a vapor barrier so you do not need to use the standard poly sheets. Although not a radiant barrier in concrete applications it does provide a thermal break and R-value. There is nothing available at its price point in the market today.”

“We are excited to be offering the new sizes. Take for instance a typical 20,000 ft² building. You use 15 rolls less using the new 10’ wide rolls versus the standard 4’ wide. The installation costs are cut down dramatically due to less labor in installing the material and taping the seams. Our larger project customers are pleased because they immediately see savings. These products have now been added to our online catalog and available for our national audience as well.”

Nick Semon is co-owner of Insulation Stop. They offer individual and bulk orders of U.S. made radiant barrier and reflective bubble foil insulation products for commercial and residential use. The company is committed to offering extensive knowledge on the use and application of its reflective insulation products.


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