Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Personnel from the Corps of Royal Engineers benefit from paver course by Eurovia Surfacing

Recently, personnel from the Corps of Royal Engineers completed a paver course attachment with road and pavement surfacing specialist, Eurovia Surfacing, allowing the corps to design, build and maintain a military road network or airfield when deployed abroad. The students were given a full site safety induction on arrival and spent three days with the Eurovia Surfacing team, benefiting from its expertise and facilities. During this time, Eurovia Surfacing offered its knowledge and experience to fulfil criteria towards the Military Plant Foreman title for which the attendees are training.

“We are extremely grateful to the Eurovia Surfacing team for offering its facilities and resources to train us,” says Sergeant James Collins. “It has been extremely beneficial to learn from experienced pavers how to use equipment and machinery safely and efficiently, whilst applying it all to a real life situation. We will be able to use this knowledge when working on military road and airfield networks whilst deployed, ensuring safer travel routes for the armed forces.”

The students benefited from Eurovia Surfacing’s knowledge of paving and surfacing issues including road construction and paver operations, incorporated with hands on experience working with the Eurovia Surfacing team on a live surfacing project on the A416 near Chesham.

“We were able to help the engineer’s complete hands on activities such as bond coating, rolling patterns, site mobilization and traffic management in order for the corps to apply these skills on military bases elsewhere,” says Peter Oakes, Contracts Manager at Eurovia Surfacing. “Our teams also offered their guidance and know-how in the operation of tandem rollers, paver and chipper machines.” The students learnt first-hand how to install, manage and improve a road network. Students will have completed key criteria to gain their MPF title, ensuring they are of maximum use to the army in the field.


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