Thursday, June 14, 2012

Presentation on Foundation

Mohd Habeeb Ullah Shareef
Student of DCET, Hyderabad

This presentation covers following topics
1) What is foundation?
2) Types of foundations along with brief overview of each of them which include

a) Shallow Foundation which is further classified into

i. Spread Footing
ii. Raft Foundation
iii. Compensated Foundation

b) Deep Foundation which is further classified into

i. Pile Foundation
ii. Caissons Foundation

3) Design Procedure of foundations
Step-1: Given Data
Factored load on column Pu in ‘KN’
Size of column, l x b in ‘mm’
SBC of Soil in KN/sq.m
Self weight of footing = 10% of Pu

Area of footing = Total Load/S.B.C
Provide a suitable size of footing L x B

Net upward pressure intensity,
Pu/area of footing.

Design for flexure Critical section occurs at the face of column l = (L – l)/2
Mutr =wl2/2

Depth of footing
d = [(Mu/(2.76x1000)) ]1/2

Calculation of area of steel,
Mu = 0.87fyAst(d-0.42xu)

Check for One-way shear Critical shear force occurs at a distance of‘d’ from face of the column
Nominal shear stress, Tu = v/bd for 0.15% of steel from IS456:2000, Table-19 Permissible shear stress
If Tc>Tv footing is safe in shear.


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