Monday, June 4, 2012


A bespoke conservation style rooflight for a stunning new log cabin in the grounds of the Pound Farm Estate in Exeter has been supplied by Lumen Rooflights.

Local craftsman Canada Wood were instructed to complete the building works of the 54 x 20ft log cabin and Lumen Rooflights were specified to provide the high quality finish. 

Acting as the architect and project manager, retired Land Agent Nicholas Randall specified high quality materials throughout the build to ensure the cabin remained sympathetic with its surroundings, classified as an Area of Great Natural Beauty. 

Mr Randall said: “This was a challenging build in many respects as we wanted to achieve an extremely high specification throughout, which incorporated contemporary modern materials with a design that blended in with the surrounding woodlands. Particular attention was paid to the exterior of the building, and the windows and rooflights played an important role in the overall look of the cabin. I did not want to use modern bulky framed roolights, they simply wouldn’t have looked right for the build.

“I had previously heard of Lumen Rooflights and knew of their conservation rooflights, typically specified in Grade Listed and Heritage properties. I decided that this would be a perfect match for the project.”

Mr Randall specified three LR03 conservation rooflights from Lumen. With an incredibly low profile and superb build quality, solid American oak liner and brass winding mechanism, the Lumen rooflights not only looked stunning, but fulfilled all the requirements for the local planning authority. 

The LR03 also provided a high specification of glazing by incorporating Pilkington Activ (the world’s first self-cleaning glass) and a glazing U-value of just 1.1. 

Mr Randall said: “The Lumen rooflight has helped us achieve a stunning finish on the exterior, while ensuring that natural lighting is maximized on the interior. I am delighted with the end result.”


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