Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vibro Projects İs Having A Successful Run İn France

The Dourges site, situated 20km south of Lille on the main A1 motorway, is for a 55,000m2 logistics platform warehouse. To improve the bearing capacity and stability of the ground, the Vibro team was contracted to install 7,400no. stone columns to an average depth of 4.5m.

Vibro Projects Limited has proven to be a ‘European Champion’ when it comes to vibro ground improvement after going head to head with German and French rigs on a project in Dourges, France. The firm was working on the £750,000 contract on behalf of Soletanche Bachy where it produced over 500m of stone columns per shift; easily making the UK based Vibro Projects top of the league.

Speaking of the contract, Vibro Projects’ Mark Henry explained: “It was the use of pre-auger assistance which allowed Vibro Projects to produce far more stone columns in a shift compared to the other rigs, proving how efficient our system of stone column bottom feed really is. Our high production rates really impressed our fellow Vibro technicians and also Soletanche Bachy, which is extremely positive for Vibro Projects’ future on international projects.”

The most efficient way of completing this was to mobilise one of its bottom feed rigs complete with a larger 600mm diameter tube and a Jean Lutz recorder on site. This new 600mm diameter tube guarantees a 600mm diameter clean stone column from top to bottom. The Lutz recorder, installed in the bottom feed rig, provides information on depth pressures, installation and stone quality used; details which are essential to the sub-contractors, main contractors and client.


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