Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Business Centre At Harton Staithes Nearing Completion

Tom de le Motte, Managing Director, Miller Construction, has invited The Rt Hon Eric Pickles, MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government; Martin Swales Chief Executive of South Tyneside Council, and Neil Rogers, President of Government and Health, BT Global Services, to join him in creating a ceremonial brick, to mark the construction of the new business centre in South Shields.

The new £10.5 million business centre at Harton Staithes, being built by Miller Construction on behalf of South Tyneside Council, has taken a further step closer to completion, following a ceremony, to celebrate the progress being made. The new 43,000 sq ft building will house BT operations from many lines of business, providing workspace for up to 500 staff.

The progress celebration was commemorated by an ancient Persian ritual, believed to be 500 years old, in which symbolic elements are added to a concrete pour to ensure the prosperity and success of the development. The Persian ritual consists of a number of different elements being added to the ceremonial brick. Wine – to bring fertility and wisdom; oil – to preserve liberty; corn – for the property to ripen in abundance; salt – added as a sign of purity and hospitality and the final ingredient, a Yew branch, is added to ward off evil spirits.

Mr Eric Pickles was invited to begin proceedings by adding wine, followed by Martin Swales who added the oil, symbolising the regeneration of the riverside at South Shields. The corn was added by Neil Rogers of BT, representing the continued success of BT and its staff as they move into their new building in the North East. Tom de la Motte added salt, illustrating Miller Construction’s hospitality and the purity of their partnership with South Tyneside Council. Garry Hope, Operations Director, North, Miller Construction, added the Yew branch to complete the ceremony.


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