Friday, December 9, 2011

iCrete Concrete Used İn Prestige High-rise Projects İn Manhattan

The iCrete(TM) System offers record strength as well as dramatic environmental benefits and cost efficiencies when used in all major construction applications, including commercial, residential, and infrastructure projects.

The iCrete System has already been chosen for a variety of Manhattan's most prestigious high-rise projects, including:
- Freedom Tower, designed by architects Daniel Libeskind and David Childs.
- Beekman Tower, designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry.
- The Harrison, designed by the renowned architect Robert A. M. Stern.
- 11 Times Square, designed by Fox & Fowle, New York's premier office tower architects

The iCrete System, which is being poured right now at Freedom Tower as it rises at the former World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan, delivers a reduction of up to 40 percent in green house gases, advanced mix designs, plus higher performance and quality control.

The concrete designed by iCrete for Freedom Tower is the highest strength concrete ever poured in the history of New York. Less than one year after iCrete was introduced at Freedom Tower, it has already been poured at more than 30 construction sites in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, including Midtown, the Upper West Side, Lower Manhattan and Tribeca and beyond.

"There's concrete. And now there's iCrete," says Juan Carlos Terroba, Chief Executive Officer of iCrete. "This represents the first major shift in 100 years in the way concrete is prepared. And the iCrete System is available worldwide - the rising costs of materials, labor and concrete itself have no geographic borders."


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