Sunday, December 4, 2011

Desso AirMaster Helps İmprove İnterior Air Quality At Kıa Speed Skating Academy

The KIA Speed Skating Academy in Inzell has space for 35 athletes housed in a converted hospital, and has incorporated Desso AirMaster® in corridors and bedrooms to provide the best-possible interior air quality.

The world-class training facility for elite athletes from around the world has opened in Germany, with carpeting specifically designed to clean indoor air, named by the World Health Organisation as one of the major hazards of the modern world.

The World Health Organisation has warned that it can be particularly hazardous to inhale particulate matter. Miniscule dust particles settle in the lungs, and the smallest particles can end up in the bloodstream – with potentially serious consequences.

The newly-opened facility, which is expected to become an international focus for the sport, will take in speed skaters from around the world and offer them the best-possible training and residential facilities, with everything designed to develop their full potential as athletes.

AirMaster® was launched last year and is already finding applications across multiple markets in, for example, hospitals, schools and offices. This is the first occasion it has been specified in an elite sports environment – and underlines how the issue of indoor air quality affects us all.

According to The United Nations Environment Programme: “The state of the environment can have significant impacts on sport. Sportsmen and women can be affected by environmental conditions such as air and water quality and exposure to harmful substances.”


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