Friday, December 9, 2011

Coltman Precast Concrete Streamlines Production Of Precast Concrete Hollowcore Slab Products

To further streamline production of its precast concrete hollowcore slab products, Coltman Precast Concrete has continued its ongoing investment programme with the acquisition of two of the latest Prensoland moulding machines.

The two EV-6 moulders, the first of their type to be bought by a UK manufacturer, represent an investment in excess of £350,000. They enable Coltman to produce hollowcore slab products that meet the requirements of the latest European Codes of Practice, which cover the manufacture of precast concrete.

A profile change can be achieved with the machines in five minutes. This allows for a wide flexibility in the range and size of products that Coltman can produce, increasing its manufacturing efficiency still further.

The EV-6 has a maximum working speed of up to 3m/min and at 17 kW is extremely energy efficient, delivering the twin benefits of lower maintenance costs and more efficient use of raw materials. The two new moulding machines are now jointly producing 5,000 sq m of prestressed concrete hollowcore floor slabs each week.

Said Coltman director, Nigel Gilbert: "The EV-6 is at the forefront of precast concrete production technology. Our management team worked very closely with Prensoland engineers over several months on the specifications for the two machines, which were then manufactured to our specific individual requirements."

Added co-director, Ian Gould: "Having the two new moulding machines gives us a major advantage as we are now supplying precast concrete products conforming to the very latest industry standards. As the machines are completely enclosed they deliver important health and safety benefits, and with their advanced design they are also extremely easy to maintain."

Coltman's product range include prestressed hollowcore wide slab and solid prestressed wide slab for flooring and roofing. Staircases, landings, balconies, terracing and wall units are also available as bespoke products.

Customers include some of the leading names in architecture, construction, civil engingeering, house building and property development. The company has been involved in numerous prestige projects, ranging from multi-million pound city centre redevelopments and quality housing, to civic cultural centres and premier sports arenas.


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