Wednesday, December 7, 2011

L Lynch Plant Hire adds Heavier Volvo Excavators To İts Fleet

Since opting for Volvo branded excavators for the first time in 2004, L Lynch Plant Hire has added a further twenty five Volvo’s to its operating fleet of two hundred, predominantly Volvo badged excavators. At the same time, the Company has recognized the need to be able to offer larger machines for hire to high profile projects and blue chip contractors working on some of the most prestigious construction projects currently being undertaken around the U.K.

Other projects include long term quarrying and landfill contracts in the Midlands and south of England. To this end Lynch included twenty nine tonne EC290C’s and thirty six tonne EC360C’s in the recent package along with a mix of fourteen and twenty one tonne excavators.

Commenting on the deal, Lynch’s Sales and Marketing Manager Rob Lynch said; “There are two main reasons why we prefer operating Volvo excavators in our fleet. Firstly, we take great store in the opinions, advice and feedback from our machine operators and their assessment of the Volvo product is very high indeed. Naturally, operator comfort comes top on the list, but also the performance and power of the Volvo machines is considered superior over their competitors. Our other reason for choosing machines from Volvo is their ability to support the product 100% from their support centres. Their ‘Yes –can do’ approach exactly mirrors our own ethos with our customers,” he continued.


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