Friday, December 9, 2011

Retail Marketing Salary

Retail marketing is the process of determining the value and demand for a product and the act of advertising a brand, product, or store to the general public. Candidates who work in retail marketing can be in either one of two categories: entry level or mid level account coordinators and account executives or higher level marketing account managers.

Employees in this industry coordinate research, develop marketing and advertising plans, assist with product development and assist with public relations duties and responsibilities. Retail Marketing candidates can either be employed directly by a large company, or work for a smaller firm under the direction of a VP candidate or other supervisor.

Salary Overview

In general, Retail marketing and associated industries has the potential to be a very lucrative business to work in. Entry Level and Mid level account coordinators, account executives and marketing specialists can make anywhere between $27,000 annually to $35,000 annually depending on the company or size of firm. In addition companies and firms or agencies also offer quarterly bonuses for excellent performance.

Marketing managers, due to extensive experience and amount of education can make anywhere between $50,000 and upwards to $80,000 or more annually with the possibility of also making commission, and quarterly bonuses.

Both Marketing managers, and marketing account coordinators, executives or specialists will also receive benefits such as medical, vacation, paid time off, sick leave and retirement options. Publicly traded companies may also offer stock purchase options to employees who can set aside a percentage of their net pay to purchase company stock at a discounted rate.

Job Description and Outlook

Retail marketing managers often take full direction of planing a company or client’s marketing strategy. Like lower and mid level employees, marketing managers conduct research, analyze return on investment or ROI data, respond to request for proposals and other tasks. Retail marketing manager are also given the task of delegating work to account coordinators, account executives or specialists. Entry level and mid level marketing specialists should have good computer skills as they may be required to constantly pull monthly expenditure reports, or conduct research on previous marketing campaigns.


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