Friday, May 18, 2012

UK Housing Policy in a Derelict State says Scape

Housing is a hot topic at the moment. With the recently published new planning rules, there is much debate about whether the Government has gone far enough to encourage affordable housing developments so more low earners can step off rental or council tenancy lists and onto the property ladder.

Scape, a local authority controlled company that delivers cost and time savings to public sector construction projects across the UK, has a view on the matter. CEO Mark Robinson believes the country’s housing policy is in a derelict state.

He says: “Over the past decade, we’ve seen substantial underinvestment within the housing sector when compared to education and health. That neglect means we’re now having to work harder to address the situation. It’s no wonder we keep hearing about the blighted generation, and the millions of people that continue to be affected by the lack of affordable housing.

“And with a watering down in the new planning laws of the definition and a reduced emphasis on developers to incorporate affordable housing into broader regeneration schemes, there doesn’t appear to be much hope for change. But we are in a position to influence the situation due to the unique nature of our organisation and the work we do.

“Through our recently launched National Minor Works Framework delivered by Kier, we are already making it quicker and easier for local councils and housing associations to bring forward plans to improve housing supply and demand in their area. By making more people aware of our service, we hope to stimulate the market and play our part in addressing this important issue.”


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