Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Barbour Product Search and Bimstore join forces to promote BIM content

You can’t have missed the buzz surrounding BIM, and as interest grows, manufacturers and specifiers are faced with the challenge of adapting their working processes to meet the demands of BIM-savvy clients.

As of February 2012, 31% of construction professionals were using BIM. Indeed, Paul Morrell, the government’s chief construction adviser, has stated that BIM use will be mandatory on government projects within five years.

With over 10 years experience, Bimstore has emerged as the leading online library for BIM content in the UK, helping manufacturers in the creation and hosting of BIM content, including the quick and cost-effective conversion of existing CAD objects to BIM format.

As the market leading digital resource for the entire specification chain Barbour Product Search is the perfect platform to promote Bimstore’s extensive library. Specifiers will be able to search for and view BIM content from manufacturers, as well as access a dedicated BIM product library.

The new partnership will ensure manufacturer’s own BIM content is easily accessible to the specifier in a format compatible with existing workflow software. To compliment their websites both Bimstore and Barbour Product Search provide a number of associated applications which maximise accessibility including mobile versions of the sites. Bimstore also offer a desktop application which allows designers access and the ability to specify components directly from within their design software.

The content can be provided in four formats including IFC, Revit, Bentley and Graphisoft. The components are all quality checked before being uploaded and align with all current UK BIM standards.

To mark the launch at Ecobuild a range of packages has been developed to allow manufacturers to make the transition to BIM from as little as £1,500.

Bimstore will be presenting in the UBM Built Environment seminar theatre on stand S1930at the following times:


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