Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tinhay Ecofill pads out a great future with Barbour ABI

The South West’s leading insulation provider Tinhay Ecofill, are happy to demonstrate the route to their success is by using Barbour ABI’s lead generation service. Tinhay Ecofill Insulation only discovered Barbour ABI’s lead service last year, but already they’re benefiting from a fresh surge of enquiries.

Tinhay Ecofill Insulation is an approved supplier and installer of Warmcel Insulation which is manufactured from 100% recycled newsprint and offers high thermal insulation with complete void fill. Located in Devon, Tinhay Ecofill provides a first class supply and installation service offering a sustainable and cost-effective insulation solution throughout the South West and beyond.

Tinhay Ecofill Insulation, sister company to Tinhay Building Services, have worked on a variety of projects in a variety of sectors, including; a Passiv-haus retrofit project for North Devon Homes, new build Passiv-haus homes in Cornwall and a new dental school for Plymouth University.

Nikki Thomas, Tinhay Ecofill Insulation Manager says: “Having used Barbour ABI’s services at a previous company, I was extremely keen to ensure Tinhay Ecofill looked at their project data. Having the knowledge and understanding of Barbour ABI’s online service, made it so easy for me to find and contact new business opportunities.”

“I use the data in a number of ways; I look for projects who’ve specified the type of materials we supply (in the areas we cover), plus I send spec letters/emails to contacts working on projects who may want our services.”

“Barbour ABI’s Evolution service (their online lead system) has produced excellent results for us, not only has it increased our company profile, but downloading the contact data has increased enquiries and sales. Evolution gives us instant access to the latest planning information and the chance to keep up-to-date with existing projects across the South West.”

“I would definitely recommend Barbour ABI for their excellent support and unparalleled service. They offer a great value for money service and we would find it extremely hard to find the quality and quantity of leads that we do through using their Evolution system anywhere else.”


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