Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Building safety at work with Arco

Despite significant reductions in the number and rate of injury over the last 20 years, the construction sector remains a high risk industry with 50 fatal injuries to workers in 2010/11.

In the continuing challenge to reduce accidents and injuries, Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, has published the latest edition of its Construction catalogue. This comprehensive guide has all that’s needed on site to keep people safe from the latest gloves, footwear and clothing to site security, first aid stations, fire equipment and tools.

Innovations in Safety
New for 2012 is a range of tethered hand tools designed especially for working at height. With the risk of dropped objects causing serious injuries, using the new Tool@rrest system, hand tools can be secured to a fixed point or person and are designed to ensure user freedom and safety without compromising the integrity of the tool. The range includes tools, lanyards, tool belts and bags that are fully tested and certified to the latest standards.

To keep hands protected, selecting the right type of cut resistant glove is crucial. The new Marigold Puretough Indicator System provides a unique way to identify the cut resistance level of gloves in this range. Using a three colour coded dot system, this pioneering idea resolves any confusion over protection levels. The Green dot indicates minimal hazard level with gloves in this colour band offering cut levels 1-2. The medium hazard, Orange dot gloves offer mid-protection of cut levels 3-4 and gloves with the Red dot are for high level hazard conditions, offering cut level 5 protection.

Site Safety Made Simple
Part of the Arco family, ARC Safety Services’ construction safety, health and environmental consultants have extensive knowledge and experience of this industry. ARC consultants can provide general health and safety management advice as well as specialist support for specific areas such as contractor selection, respiratory equipment advice and face fit testing. ARC can also provide a range of construction based safety training with options to deliver bespoke programmes on or off site.

Making Ordering Easy
With 40 sales offices and trade counters throughout the UK and a dedicated account management team, Arco’s expert advice and extensive product range is never too far away. Through the website, customers can order goods for fast delivery and Arco’s in-house badging and embroidery centre can add high quality corporate branding to workwear and other personal protective equipment.

Ian Browning, Arco’s Sector Sales Manager, Construction said: “We’ve been working with construction companies large and small across the UK for many years but this new catalogue brings our complete offering for this sector together, in one easy to use reference tool. With the latest innovations in safety, expert advice and quality products that meet all the right standards, we are working to make ensure the safety of workers in this vital industry.”


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