Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kendall Plant Expands Processing Fleet With Finlay Plant SW In Cornwall’s ‘White Mountains’

High performance plant supplied by Finlay Plant SW to Kendall Plant Ltd is enabling large volumes of high grade, recycled material to be processed, in the heartlands of Cornwall’s china clay quarrying industry.

Machinery including the Terex Finlay J-1175 Jaw Crusher, C-1540 RS Cone Crusher and Supertrak 694+ are enabling Kendall Plant to process stent - the material left over from the extraction of china clay.

Keith Kendall, who has a background in agricultural contracting, is the owner and director of Kendall Plant.

He made his first venture into crushing 14 months ago, and has been contracted by Brookland Sand and Aggregates at Gunheath Quarry, near to St Austell, to process the stent - millions of tonnes of which are on the site, along with regular deliveries from china clay quarries in the locality.

To cut through the volume, plant was needed with high outputs, and Keith has worked closely with Gareth Johnson, managing director of Finlay Plant SW Ltd, to introduce high performance machinery that delivers maximum value from the processed material – producing a clean and valuable end product.

The process starts with a Terex Finlay J-1175 Jaw Crusher, which has the capacity to take in half-tonne rocks, through to dust.

With an independent pre-screen fitted, fines in the stent can be removed at an early stage in the process – eliminating the need for a reclaimer or any other type of screener to scalp off -45mm.

This function is particularly valuable as the stent material comprises of up to 50 per cent fines in with the granite rock.

Fines fall through the mesh and -45mm is scalped off to make Type 1 803 material, while +45mm goes through the jaw to produce crusher run, of which 75mm is the largest size.

This then goes into the Terex Finlay C-1540 RS, Cone Crusher, which provides the versatility of a crushing and screening plant in one machine.

Featuring an onboard recirculating system and detachable sizing screen, the machine at Gunheath processes 45mm material through the mesh, with +45mm re-circulating and then going into the four-way Terex Finlay 694+ tracked mobile screen at -45mm.

The 694+ offers a triple deck screen configuration, providing three full-sized 6.1m x 1.525m screens, and a hydraulically folded fourth conveyor.

It produces an end single size product of 40mm clean chippings, 20mm clean chippings and 10mm clean chippings, used as decorative material, as well as for ready-mixed concrete and drainage and pipefill material. The 6mm to dust end product is delivered to a nearby manufacturer for concrete blocks.

The machinery currently outputs 2,000 tonnes a day and there is no waste from the processing activity - all the end product material is used, making it a highly-effective recycling process.

Keith Kendall said: “We’ve worked with Finlay Plant SW because they offer exceptional service and great back-up for us on site.

“We are in a remote area, but we can always ensure a prompt service in terms of fitting and commissioning, parts and spares and advice on the specification of machinery.

“All the machinery is working really well, and the pre-screen on the J-1175 delivers major economic benefits as it means we don’t need a reclaimer to scalp off fines.

“We are benefitting from exceptional performance, reliability and volume of product, with the ability to increase capacity as required.”

Gareth Johnson, managing director of Finlay Plant SW, which is part of the Finlay Group of companies, said: “The plant has been selected to all join-up, for maximum productivity.

“As well as this ‘train’ effect, it can also work independently, with flexible configurations, ease of maintenance and mobility assured.”


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