Thursday, May 31, 2012

Multi-purpose McDrill range released by Skelair in UK Market

Skelair International extends its portfolio of McDrill rigs to include the MDT-40 range of multi-purpose drills. Designed for applications with restricted access, such as indoor drilling and tunnels, the MDT-40 spans two versatile and competitive rigs – the MDT-40K and MDT-40KS.

Offering the ultimate in versatility, the MDT-40 range can accommodate a wide range of drilling works, including micro piling, soil consolidation and jet grouting. The ability to operate across these diverse drilling requirements, even at reduced height, makes the MDT-40 range an ideal specification for companies needing a general purpose rig. 

With engine power of 47Kw engine @ 2,300rpm, rotary torque up to 9000 Nm and pull-back up to 7000 kgs, both rigs offer excellent drilling performance and high productivity. The MDT-40KS provides additional flexibility with an external diesel power pack and cable up to 25m, allowing the rig to be used with ease in applications such as basement works. 

Gianluca Baraghini from McDrill comments: “The MDT-40 range has been developed to meet the needs of contractors that operate in confined spaces and across varied drilling applications. As a multi-purpose drill it offers excellent value for money and from a performance perspective is comparable to some of the heavier weight rigs on the market.”

With operational efficiency in mind, the MDT-40 range uses a remote control to adjust mast positioning and drill setting – ultimately minimising down-time between stages of work. Importantly for the UK launch, McDrill has also developed UK-compliant drill guards for use with the MDT-40 range. 

John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair, concludes: “Customers purchasing drilling equipment are looking for increased flexibility in order to extract the maximum value from their investment. The McDrill MDT-40 range is an excellent all-rounder in terms of drilling applications and is proven on the continent as ideal for smaller sites and restricted access.” 

Skelair represents a number of other market-leading manufacturers in the UK and Ireland, including EMCI, Klemm, Marini, TEI, Obermann and Wassara.


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