Friday, May 18, 2012

CRH releases its 2011 annual report

To become a responsible international leader in building materials delivering superior performance and growth, CRH has embedded the twin concepts of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) throughout its activities.

CRH is committed to managing, in a sustainable and responsible manner, all aspects of its operations relating to employees, customers, neighbours, local communities, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Sustainability Strategy
CRH's sustainability and responsibility commitments are focussed on four specific areas of business. These are: health and safety; environment and climate change; corporate governance and social performance. In each of these areas, CRH has clearly defined policies, objectives, implementation programmes, review procedures and reporting mechanisms.

During 2011, CRH further developed its platforms on sustainable development and CSR. CRH firmly believes that making progress in these areas is essential for continued strong corporate performance and provides significant opportunities for growth.

Health and Safety
The health and safety of all those working for CRH continues to receive the highest priority. CRH is fully committed to maintaining the safety, health and welfare of employees and contractors at all locations.

During the year, many new initiatives were implemented to augment existing systems in areas of contractor safety, transport safety, operational safety, maintenance safety and others.

Despite these safety improvements, CRH deeply regrets that seven fatalities (four employees and three contractors) occurred in Group subsidiary companies during 2011. Each fatality is a tragedy, not only for the immediate family, but also for the broader CRH community. During the year, we have intensified our efforts to eliminate fatalities from our operations, and have introduced revised procedures to ensure that circumstances surrounding such events are promptly identified, and that lessons learned are communicated
throughout the Group as a matter of urgency. The elimination of fatalities remains a key priority across CRH.

Environment and Climate Change
CRH continues to focus on achieving the highest standards of environmental management and control. Environmental reporting across the Group is to globally recognised guidelines. Many of our locations have independently accredited environmental management systems. CRH remains fully committed to addressing the challenges of climate change.

Ongoing programmes to improve energy efficiency, increase the use of alternative fuels, optimise water use, reduce waste and increase recycling are core to the Group's activities. In addition, product development and
innovation, with emphasis on lower carbon products, is increasingly a priority.


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