Saturday, May 19, 2012


TA Drilling (Sales) Ltd has been appointed the UK and Ireland distributor for TRIC TOOLS Inc for it range of lateral pipe bursting systems. The new and exciting product range expands the company’s extensive portfolio of trenchless equipment with Compact Rope Bursters ranging in size from 20 ton to 100 ton pulling capacity units.
TRIC Tools, Inc. invented the first sewer lateral pipe bursting system in 1996, opening the market for trenchless home sewer replacement. TRIC’s lightweight and portable pipe replacement systems renew pipe with minimal disruption.
TRIC’s compact design means that this equipment can be used where conventional pipe bursters just cannot fit. They are small enough to be used in existing manholes or small excavations and yet have the power to deliver an effective solution without the need to dismantle and re-assemble the unit each time it is used. This makes these tools the first choice for confined space working as well as for larger diameter projects.
TRIC products have earned a reputation for strength and reliability with many of the early machines still being used today, with these powerful yet compact tools proving that they are ideal for replacing residential laterals, with minimal site disturbance and maximum job and energy efficiency.

The ‘Lean and Mean’ V24 puller unit is a stripped-down version of the original TRIC pipe bursting system that started the industry of sewer lateral pipe bursting back in 1996. Operating directly in line with the pipe, the V24 eliminates the pulley wheel and resistance plate found in the standard TRIC configuration. The V24 offers a pulling force of up to 29 tons @ 3,000 psi in a unit of only 104 kg which can be used on projects for pipe replacement of up to 150 mm.
The X30 Puller offers a formidable power in a super-sleek package and is the contractor’s tool of choice to burst pipes up to 150 mm (6 in) diameter. The X30 can also tackle 200 mm (8 in) diameter pipe when used with the Unified Force series of pneumatic-assist bursting heads. The unit is designed for minimum maintenance and maximum performance and offers a pulling force of 29.5 tons @ 6,000 psi in a package weighing only 36 kg.
The TRIC M50 offers the perfect combination of size and power for those easements and tight spots where other pipe bursting equipment just will not fit. The unit has the capacity to burst 250 mm (10 in) diameter pipes whilst still being portable enough to set up by hand given that it offers a pulling force of 48 tons @ 5,000 psi in a body weighing only 61 kg.
At the larger diameter end of the range TRIC offers big power in a small footprint with the M100 system, the most formidable example of that method. Projects with tough ground conditions or limited access are natural candidates for the M100 which is capable of bursting 450 mm (18 in) diameter pipes with its pulling force of 98 tons @ 5,000 psi from a system weighing only 172 kg.
Commenting on TA Drilling Ltd’s appointment as the UK and Ireland distributor for TRIC’s pipe bursting systems Phil Letchford, sales and technical manager said: “TA Drilling has over the years developed a reputation for the provision of high quality, efficient and easy to use equipment across numerous aspects of the trenchless technology market. The company’s appointment as distributor for TRIC’s pipe bursting systems simply supports and expands that philosophy. In our view this is an area of operation (the use of pipe bursting on lateral replacement and renovation projects) that can only become more widespread within UK and Ireland utility sectors as reduction of traffic disruption, residential, social and other negative impacts on everyday life become an increasing focus and importance for utility owners and their contractors. The TRIC pipe bursting systems we now offer give contractors the means to effectively complete lateral replacement projects with minimal impact whilst remaining very cost effective.”


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